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Acomb Childcare

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Please note that fees are payable one week in advance and will incur a 5/week penalty for late payment.

Monday to Friday (8am to 6pm)    3.20/hour
Monday to Friday (other times)     4.80/hour
Saturday                                              4.80/hour
Sunday                                                6.40/hour
Bank holidays                                   8.00/hour
Mininum of two days per week & two hours per day   3.20/hour
Child/parent - Full fee
Childminder - No charge

Parents are advised of the following:

  • Childminders cannot always undertake the care of a sick or infectious child and may even be ill themselves – parents are advised to have a contingency plan in place at all times.
  • Whilst at nursery or playgroup, if the childminder is required to drop off/ pick up, and the child remains the responsibility of the childminder a fee of 2 per hour will be due.  This also secures their place during this time for school holidays.


Child/Parent - full fee

Childminder - fee for first 10 days, no fee for a further 10 days


Occasional days off      Child/Parent - full fee

Childminder - no fee


Bank holidays - fee if a contracted day and not used (see unsociable hours for bank holiday rate)


 I will give at least 2 weeks notice when I intend to take my holidays.


The above price structure is effective from 1st April 2009 and is reviewed annually.